Welcome to the website of the Switched On Culture Research Group

There is no doubt that we have become increasingly reliant on information communication technology (ICT); with many of us wedded to our smartphones and tablets. Technology can enable employees to work ‘anytime and anywhere’, with strong potential to enhance flexibility and improve work-life balance. Nonetheless, there is a dark side to constant engagement with technology. We aim to further understanding of how technology and being constantly ‘switched on’ can affect individuals, organisations and families. The research agenda is growing but remains under-developed. The need for multidisciplinary research that draws on psychology, sociology, computing and other areas is particularly emphasised. Research outputs are likely to be of significant interest for HR professionals and other practitioners wanting solutions to enable effective and healthy technology usage.

The ‘Switched On Culture’ Research Group (SOCRG) consist of researchers who are experts in the field of technology use and work-life balance. We have hosted a variety of seminars, workshops and events related to the switched on culture and our research findings have been widely published and disseminated at national and international conferences. Over the years, we have built a rich network of researchers and practitioners interested in the switched on culture and work-life balance issues in general. We draw on this network to invite high-profile internationally recognised speakers to our events.

On this website we, the SOCRG, would like to share our knowledge and inform researchers, practitioners and the general public about our activities, including summaries of previous events and updates about upcoming events. We further want to spark dialogue and discussions about the double-edged sword of ICT use in the modern society.